July 2020 Quizzes

July 1What action does a token allow a computer to perform on a token-ring network?
July 2Which version of macOS split iTunes into multiple apps?
July 3The height of a rack-mounted server is defined by what single-letter unit of measurement?
July 4A virtual machine is an example of what?
July 5The domain name system is managed by which organization?
July 6Which of the following measures how long a server has been running without interruption?
July 7In which video game is APM most important?
July 8What is the section at the top of a document that is duplicated on all pages called?
July 9What type of service can mask your IP address?
July 10What is the most common type of compressed file format?
July 11What type of hardware device has been largely replaced SSDs?
July 12What version of Mac OS X was released between Panther and Leopard?
July 13What is the purpose of a hardware driver wrapper?
July 14Which of the following identifiers is comprised of vertical lines?
July 15What type of programming structure starts with the word "while"?
July 16What type of software is most likely to be distributed as a trial?
July 17Which of the following best describes technical debt?
July 18Which of the following technologies is designed to protect copyrighted media?
July 19Which of the following can parse a script?
July 20Which of the following might be required for a Zoom meeting?
July 21Which company coined the term "podcast?"
July 22Which of the following removable storage cards has the largest form factor?
July 23What service does VDSL provide?
July 24Which verb is synonymous with "overwrite?"
July 25An online shopping cart is part of what technology?
July 262020 is two decades after what event?
July 27What protocol is used to connect to a Usenet server?
July 28Which application is part of Microsoft Office?
July 29Which of the following extends an intranet over the Internet?
July 30A single computer running multiple VMs is an example of what?
July 31User interface design is often referred to as what type of development?