June 2020 Quizzes

June 1What Windows technology introduced the XAML language?
June 2Which of the following technologies might be used in an LCD display?
June 32<sup>80</sup> bytes is equal to a single what?
June 4Which of the following is an emoticon?
June 5Landscape and portrait are two types of what?
June 6Which component's resistance is highly dependent on temperature?
June 7What is the purpose of encrypting data?
June 8Which of the following statements best describes a cold boot?
June 9Which term defines how a multi-byte data type stores data?
June 10How many dots does an IPv4 IP address contain?
June 11Which term is most closely associated with a positive UX?
June 12What is the minimum number of devices needed to create a network?
June 13A Windows application is compiled into what type of file?
June 14The number of records in a database table is equivalent to the number of what?
June 15WiMAX is considered a competitor to which wireless technology?
June 16What term describes the result of a process or function?
June 17File encryption requires which of the following actions?
June 18What is the common name for the wireless standard 802.11ax?
June 19A company that produces hardware for another brand is called what?
June 20What program is most likely to display a 404 error?
June 21Which of the following are "thrown" and "caught" in program source code?
June 22Which cellular technology first became widespread in 2019?
June 23Facebook Live is what type of platform?
June 24What term describes removing a friend in Facebook?
June 25Making fun of someone online is a type of what?
June 26What protocol is used for sending Internet connection errors?
June 27Which of the following might be installed on a computer?
June 28Network congestion, collisions, and signal interference may all cause what?
June 29Nvidia is known for developing what type of processors?
June 30Which of the following peripherals adds more storage to a computer?