May 2020 Quizzes

May 1What is someone who promotes products through social media called?
May 2What is designated section of computer memory used for storing data called?
May 3Digital images can be divided into two primary groups — vector and what?
May 4Computer viruses are identified using patterns called what?
May 5What does image scaling do?
May 6What is the difference between a JSP page and ASP page?
May 7Which protocol might be used for streaming video over the Internet?
May 81,000 megabytes is equal to what?
May 9Which type of message is sent over the SMTP protocol?
May 10Which of the following is a networking protocol designed by Apple?
May 11Which of the following is required to read a CD or DVD?
May 12Which acronym describes a software program that is no long supported?
May 13What is the difference between donationware and shareware?
May 14What is the ANSI code entered by the Escape key (ESC)?
May 15What is the wheel between two mouse buttons called?
May 16Steganography is the art of what?
May 17What type of command does clicking a mouse button or pressing a key send?
May 18Which verb describes creating audio files from songs on a CD?
May 19Which of the following is not a design pattern associated with object-oriented programming?
May 20What is a digitized version of an analog audio signal called?
May 21Which of the following is not considered volatile memory?
May 22What type of performance does an eGPU improve?
May 23Which of the following is not another name for the "#" symbol?
May 24When the first record entered is the last to be retrieved, it is an example of what?
May 25What term describes the way people interact with an app or website?
May 26Which of the following acronyms is synonymous with a "home network?"
May 27Which of the following is a mobile operating system?
May 28Which of the following is both an input and output device?
May 29The standard keyboard shortcut for Undo is Control or Command + what key?
May 30What is a read-only document used as a starting point for new documents called?
May 31A device that allows one network to access another is called what?