April 2020 Quizzes

April 1A doctor performing a diagnosis over video chat is an example of what?
April 2Dial-up modems used what protocol to establish a connection to the ISP?
April 3Web hosting, email, and cloud computing are examples of what?
April 4QuarkXPress is what type of program?
April 5Which of the following messaging services came first?
April 61,152,921,504,606,846,976 bytes is equal to one what?
April 7A standard keyboard with a numeric keypad has how many keys?
April 8Which of the following is used to enter "left-click" input?
April 9What is a device that outputs three-dimensional models called?
April 10What is a public IP address shared by multiple devices on a network called?
April 11What purpose does a URI serve?
April 12Which term describes a group of computers that distribute a common workload?
April 13The RTMP protocol was designed to transmit what type of data?
April 14Which language uses tags to structure webpage content?
April 15Computer classes at universities typically fall under what category?
April 16What does it mean if an image has an opacity of 25?
April 17A variable that controls access to one or more resources is also called what?
April 18Which statement best describes a protocol?
April 19Windows stores system and user settings in a database called what?
April 20Which of the following statements about the Enum data type is true?
April 21Which of the following types of storage is shaped like a disc?
April 22What version of Mac OS X followed Tiger?
April 23What is HTML5 used to create?
April 24A login typically requires a password and what?
April 25What data transfer medium is the fastest?
April 26Which of the following is a cellular data transmission standard?
April 27Amazon's Alexa is an example of what?
April 28Activating a connected storage device for reading and writing is called what?
April 29What kind of file can be mounted as a physical volume?
April 30A power supply with a backup battery is also called what?