March 2020 Quizzes

March 1Which P2P network has been active for the longest time?
March 2Which of the following requires keywords as input?
March 3Which type of file uses the .MOBI extension?
March 41,000 exabytes equals one what?
March 5Smartwatch to smartphone communication is an example of what type of network?
March 6Which of the following statements about XHTML is false?
March 7Which protocol was specifically designed for sharing files over a network?
March 8Which of the following is an input device?
March 9Which term is most similar to "logging on?"
March 10Which of the following is most likely to "brick" a hardware device?
March 11CD-RW is a specific version of what type of media?
March 12What is the purpose of a network IPS?
March 13Which of the following systems did not support Open Firmware?
March 14Which of the following is considered a low-level language?
March 15What is the typical material that holds the circuits in an integrated circuit together?
March 16An emulated computer system created using software is also called what?
March 17Which user interface element can usually be resized by the user?
March 18Which media format competed directly with HD DVD?
March 19Which of the following is a plain-text file format?
March 20Around 1990, "IBM compatible" referred to computers running which OS?
March 21What type of server might distribute software updates to computers on a network?
March 22How many bytes are in a gigabyte?
March 23Mobile devices that connect to cellular networks must have what hardware identifier?
March 24Recording data on a DVD is also called what?
March 25GDPR applies to users and companies doing business in what continent?
March 26A security update to a software program may also be called what?
March 27Small icons used to represent websites are called what?
March 28What term means "connected to the Internet?"
March 29Which of the following is an irrational number?
March 30What adjective describes a Wi-Fi chip that is soldered to a motherboard?
March 31Which of the following is not a camera raw format?