February 2020 Quizzes

February 1802.11a was an early version of which standard?
February 2Which of the following is a user interface element?
February 3Loading images on a webpage when the user scrolls down is called what?
February 4What is a drive-by download?
February 51.44 MB floppy disks were how wide?
February 6Which is not a standard name for the filename of a website home page?
February 7What is clickable text that opens a new page or location called?
February 8SD, SmartMedia, and Memory Stick are types of media that can be read by what?
February 9Which of the following is used for data storage?
February 10Which adjective describes input devices that are designed to have a natural feel?
February 11A megabyte contains one thousand what?
February 12What is an example of bad netiquette?
February 13Which statement about symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) is false?
February 14What is it called when a program cannot access a resource it needs to continue?
February 15What is a pop-up window with a warning called?
February 16What type of lightbulbs have largely replaced CFLs?
February 17Which of the following is considered a natural number?
February 18What is the purpose of an inode in Linux?
February 19How many processors does a quad-core CPU contain?
February 20What is the purpose of optical character recognition (OCR)?
February 21To what does font tracking refer?
February 22In 2009, Oracle acquired the rights to which programming language?
February 23Which of the following is designed to reduce the temperature of a CPU?
February 24Which of the following connectors is used for Ethernet connections?
February 25Which of the following might cause a race condition in a software program?
February 26Which search engine did Verizon acquire in 2017?
February 27In computer science, "classes" are another name for what?
February 28The "mouseOver" state is another name for which action?
February 29Which input device is most likely to include a scroll wheel?