January 2020 Quizzes

January 1Which of the following is a graphics processing library?
January 2Each processor within a CPU is called what?
January 3Which version of Mac OS X was code-named Lion?
January 4FAT32 is a type of what?
January 5Wha are input boxes within a form called?
January 6Which of the following standardizes communication between computer systems?
January 7The memory controller hub (MCH) is also known as what?
January 8What group of numbers includes rational and irrational numbers?
January 9Guidelines that serve as the building blocks of an algorithm are also called what?
January 10Distributing beta software to multiple users is an example of what?
January 11Which of the following datatypes was created to store binary data?
January 12Enterprise software is aimed at what demographic?
January 13How many bits are in a megabit?
January 14A keyboard's ability to process multiple keystrokes at once is called what?
January 15What are links from other sites to one website are called?
January 16What are individual programs running on a computer called?
January 17Which of the following is an example of optical media?
January 18Which of the following is not an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format?
January 19Which of the following correlates with the dynamic range of a compressed audio file?
January 20What is the smoothing of jagged edges in raster images called?
January 215 MHz is equal to how many kilohertz?
January 22Real-time graphics performance is measured by what metric?
January 23What Java technology is used for connecting to databases?
January 24Computer clocks are synced via what protocol?
January 25What is a browser feature that automatically populates form fields called?
January 26Which term describes a storage device that can be removed while the computer is on?
January 27PPPoE allows the point-to-point protocol to be used over what medium?
January 28Which service is used to look up domain name registration details?
January 29What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
January 30Which adjective best describes a markup language that supports custom elements?
January 31A grid of data is also called what?