December 2019 Quizzes

December 1Which of the following is true of a website with a fluid layout?
December 2Which function name is written in PascalCase?
December 3The printed version of an electronic file is also called what?
December 4Which term is synonymous with "Internet?"
December 5Which version of Windows preceded Windows 10?
December 6In what year did Windows first offer long filename (LFN) support?
December 7Which adjective describes a device that is not connected to the Internet?
December 8A .PYC file is a compiled program written in what programming language?
December 9Which acronym is a common way to refer to an interrupt handler?
December 10Which if the following audio formats is uncompressed?
December 11What is a circuit board pin that can be customized by software called?
December 12Monitor settings that are displayed on the screen are also called what?
December 13Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) was introduced with which version of Windows?
December 14Which file format might be used to store a vector drawing?
December 15Which verb describes a program quitting unexpectedly?
December 16Which format was developed by Adobe?
December 17Which of the following is considered infotainment?
December 18Which of the following best describes graymail?
December 19In computing, the word "platform" is often used synonymously with what?
December 20What is the difference between a passcode and a passphrase?
December 21Which of the following refers to a product that is being tested?
December 22What is a kernel-related crash called?
December 23Which company created the "Site Reliability Engineering" approach to development?
December 24Which acronym is commonly used to describe flash memory?
December 25A list of approved users, IP addresses, or other entities is called what?
December 26A single system that distributes data to multiple clients is called what?
December 27A computer that downloads an email from a mail server is called what?
December 28What is an example of non-volatile memory?
December 29A computer's ability to run several processes at once is called what?
December 30What is the purpose of a firewall?
December 31Which port is used exclusively for storage devices?