November 2019 Quizzes

November 1Contactless payments are typically made using which wireless technology?
November 2What does server "uptime" measure?
November 3What does data "endianness" describe?
November 4The GPL (General Public License) was created by what organization?
November 5Repeatedly trying different usernames and passwords is what type of attack?
November 6What is the purpose of SDS software?
November 7Digital cameras typically store image metadata in which format?
November 8What is the primary purpose of a thyristor?
November 9Emoticons have been mostly replaced by small images called what?
November 10Which of the following might be measured in Mbps?
November 11Analyzing documents to extract meaningful data is also called what?
November 12How many digits does a GUID contain?
November 13Which of the following best describes Usenet?
November 14Which programming language is complied into a .CLASS file?
November 15What term describes an inexperienced gamer?
November 16Which acronym describes the location where a company's servers are located?
November 17What type of input device may have a flatbed option?
November 18What is the purpose of a bus inside a computer?
November 191080p resolution is also called what?
November 20Which of the following is considered volatile memory?
November 21JavaScript was designed for which medium?
November 22A zettabyte contains one thousand what?
November 23Bitcoin transactions are recorded using what technology?
November 24What statement regarding multiprocessing is false?
November 25What is the most common type of keyboard layout?
November 26Which of the following is an example of live streaming?
November 27Which statement about scripts is false?
November 28Which RAM standard supports a maximum data transfer rate of 6400 MBps?
November 29Which company developed the EIDE standard?
November 30How is the goodput of a file transfer calculated?