August 2019 Quizzes

August 1The "Save As..." command prevents what action?
August 2SharePoint is a service provided by which company?
August 3The Internet evolved from which technology?
August 4What is the file extension of a rich text file?
August 5CPUs contain millions of which electrical component?
August 6Which version of macOS preceded Mojave?
August 7Which statement about TCP is false?
August 8A website republishing content without permission is an example of what?
August 9What are YouTube videos with clickable hotspots called?
August 10OSPF is used to find the shortest path between what?
August 11NAND is a common type of what?
August 12Initializing a network connection between two hosts is often called what?
August 13Which of the following might be considered an illegal operation?
August 14How many FLOPS is one gigaflops?
August 15Which of the following contains a GPU?
August 16What allows a keyboard and mouse to be used by multiple computers?
August 17Which of the following are considered the building blocks of computer programs?
August 18What type of media is a Blu-ray disc?
August 19What is someone who accesses a computer over the Internet called?
August 20Which of the following is a word processor developed by Microsoft?
August 21What of the following is a type of storage device?
August 22Windows and macOS are two types of what?
August 23What does a rootkit do?
August 24What are I/O connections on the sides of a computer called?
August 25When files get split into multiple areas of a hard disk, it is called what?
August 26OLE is a framework used by which operating system?
August 27Which if the following is considered primary memory?
August 28What device allows a computer or router to connect to a cable Internet connection?
August 29What is the purpose of a VPN?
August 30What is a function that encapsulates another function called?
August 31STM-256 and STM-1024 are measurements of what?