April 2019 Quizzes

April 1Non-integer calculations are measured with what metric?
April 2Which of the following only contains binary data?
April 3Memory allocated to a storage device instead of RAM is called what?
April 4Which of the following statements about a CD-R disc is true?
April 5How many exbibytes are in a zebibyte?
April 6Which of the following came first?
April 7BLE is a low-energy version of what technology?
April 8Which of the following is an example of minification?
April 9In most programming languages, objects are defined as what?
April 10What operating system includes an Apple menu?
April 11For what type of communication was the IP protocol designed?
April 12What is the purpose of the ISO organization?
April 13Which term describes any number that can be written as a fraction?
April 14What function does the Caps Lock key perform?
April 15Which of the following is an example of an NUI hardware device?
April 16Which of the following statements about virtual private servers is false?
April 17Which of the following terms is most similar to a "queue?"
April 18A CPS is used in what type of environment?
April 19In what year did Microsoft introduce the XAML language?
April 20An ADC converts an analog signal or recording into what type of data?
April 21Which of the following measures the maximum oscillation rate of an electronic signal?
April 22What is another name for an archive bit?
April 23Which of the following is not a command supported by SNMP?
April 24Which of the following is not a compressed file type?
April 25Increasing the clock speed of a CPU within a computer is called what?
April 26Which of the following is not a solid state device?
April 27Which acronym describes the result of improper input?
April 28Which of the following is an example of teleconferencing software?
April 29Which of the following connects the CPU to system memory?
April 30Microsoft's HoloLens is what type of device?