February 2019 Quizzes

February 1What is the purpose of a software installer?
February 2What type of data does a raw file contain?
February 3A home theater receiver is also called what?
February 4Which of the following is an example of emulation?
February 5Typing "hello" as "H3110" is an example of what?
February 6Which of the following best describes a silent install?
February 7What of the following types of networks is the smallest?
February 8What technology produces images by "twisting" a partially liquid substance?
February 94,000 bits is equal to what?
February 10Which of the following font adjustments is related to line spacing?
February 11Which command-line interpreter is based on the Bourne shell?
February 12What is a PCI card that interfaces with an external device called?
February 13What version of macOS introduced the "Dark Mode" feature?
February 14Automatically starting processes when an application loads is also called what?
February 15Which of the following can load and run a .CLASS file?
February 16Which of the following is a security protocol for Wi-Fi networks?
February 17Which of the following is a Wi-Fi standard?
February 18Which of the following provides a standard set of database commands?
February 19The macOS desktop interface is also called what?
February 20Which of the following devices is the oldest technology?
February 21How many megabytes per second can be transferred in a 10 Gbps connection?
February 22How many IP addresses are available within a subnet mask of
February 23Text alignment that combines left and right alignment is called what?
February 24The base-10 number system is also called what?
February 25Microsoft Excel is designed for creating what type of documents?
February 26A computer's startup process is also called what?
February 27What does the small "i" in iSCSI stand for?
February 28Which of the following statements about hosts and servers is true?