December 2018 Quizzes

December 1What type of component might add USB ports to a desktop computer?
December 2Which of the following industries is not considered IT?
December 3How many nanometers are in a single micron?
December 4How many pins does a VGA display connector have?
December 5The letters on the "Esc" key are an abbreviation for what?
December 6The size of 32x32 pixel icon would most likely be measured in what?
December 7Which of the following Windows development platforms is the most recent?
December 8What service does Google Drive provide?
December 9Which term describes the relationship between a file extension and the file type?
December 10What type of network is the largest?
December 11Which of the following is a type of signal used for cellular phone calls?
December 12Which of the following best describes n-key rollover?
December 13Typing speed is measured in ______ per minute?
December 14A "smart refrigerator" is an example of what?
December 15A virus might also be considered what?
December 16Which of the following provides networking monitoring and device detection?
December 17Which of the following is not an example of a namespace?
December 18Which of the following is most important for graphics processing?
December 19What type of printer does not print on paper?
December 20A university residential network is an example of what?
December 21Firmware is what type of storage?
December 22Which of the following statements about a hard disk MBR is true?
December 23Which of the following best describes a motion tween?
December 24A CD burner is a type of what?
December 25What Windows function key is often used to perform the "Refresh" command?
December 26A navigation bar always contains what?
December 27What social media service is associated with "tweeting?"
December 28Classroom Performance Systems and virtual learning environments facilitate what?
December 29Which of the following is a Windows API?
December 30Which of the following terms describes good manners on the Internet?
December 31How many characters does the long filename or "LFN" standard support?