September 2018 Quizzes

September 1What kind of device is assigned an IMEI number?
September 2Searching online is synonymous with searching for something where?
September 3What kind of technology is a T1?
September 4Which of the following is an example of biometric device?
September 5Color temperature is related to what camera setting?
September 6Which abbreviation is another way to refer to a desktop computer?
September 7What are custom text effects in Microsoft Office called?
September 8What type of label contains vertical bars and a 12-digit number?
September 9Which component in a digital camera is measured in megapixels?
September 10Deleting all the messages in your inbox is also called what?
September 11Which connection uses pulses of light to transfer data?
September 12Which of the following is not an impact printer?
September 13The result of a mathematical calculation may also be considered what?
September 14Text that contains links to other information is also called what?
September 15QBE is an alternative to manually writing what?
September 16User data that is processed by a program is also called what?
September 17What is a program that tracks individual keystrokes called?
September 18Graphics overlaid on live action film scenes may also be called what?
September 19What is the process of verifying the identity of a person or device called?
September 20Which device is an alternative to a mouse?
September 21What is the difference between a typical CPU and an FPGA?
September 22Which of the following might be described as extensible?
September 23What is the primary purpose of "zipping" a file?
September 24A base station is a wireless version of what hardware device?
September 25Apple's iMessage is an alternative to which service?
September 26What service dynamically allocates IP addresses to connected devices?
September 27Small metal connectors used as on/off switches are also called what?
September 28What is the difference between KBps and Kbps?
September 29Which company coined the term "Ultrabook?"
September 30What is a rectangular area in an application for inserting graphics and text called?