August 2018 Quizzes

August 1Which of the following calculations would not produce NaN as a result?
August 2A local Wi-Fi network is an example of what?
August 3Which of the following is not one of the seven layers of the OSI model?
August 4Instead of users, web services are designed to communicate with what?
August 5What is another term for a bridging router?
August 6What name did Apple give OS X 10.10?
August 7What do all smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets have in common?
August 8Which of the following is not a type of e-reader?
August 9Windows RT was an variation of which operating system?
August 10What is the temporary storage area where print jobs are stored called?
August 11CNAME records, A records, and MX records are types of what?
August 12What company coined the term "graymail" to refer to unwanted emails?
August 13What is the function of JDBC?
August 14What term is synonymous with a "floating point?"
August 15Which acronym describes television and radio broadcasts?
August 16What is the most widely used desktop operating system?
August 17What unique number is often used to identify a specific electronic device?
August 18Ergonomics is the study of what?
August 19Which of the following is a compressed image format?
August 20Which company develops the Windows operating system?
August 21What are processes or tasks that run periodically on Unix systems called?
August 22Novell NetWare was a type of what?
August 23A failover system is implemented for what purpose?
August 24What is the difference between a dock and a hub?
August 25What metric defines the frequency with which the image on a screen is refreshed?
August 26What is the primary purpose of a GPU?
August 27Which of the following units of measurement is larger than a petabyte?
August 28What verb describes recovering data from a back up?
August 29Which of the following is a tag with a small antenna?
August 30What does ransomware do?
August 31Desaturating a photo would produce what type of image?