June 2018 Quizzes

June 1Searching for Wi-Fi networks from an automobile is also called what?
June 2How many bytes are in one tebibyte?
June 3A digital effect added to an image, video, or audio track may also be called what?
June 4What year did the 3G cellular data standard gain widespread adoption?
June 5Which of the following statements about a Java method is not true?
June 6A value that acts as a signal for a function or process is also called what?
June 7What do several websites linked together form?
June 8What is the top of a window, which often displays the name of an open file, called?
June 9A zone file is referenced by what type of server?
June 10Which messaging service is not considered OTT messaging?
June 11The Processing programming language is designed for what group of users?
June 12What type of document might be designed to be cross-browser?
June 13What is the primary purpose of Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)?
June 14What is the default location of the Windows systray?
June 15PPC is a metric used in what industry?
June 16JSF is an API supported by what type of web server platform?
June 17Individual page views are also called what?
June 18One terahertz is equal to how many hertz?
June 19What are connections made with potential clients via online advertisements called?
June 20Wireframes are often used to create what?
June 21Which of the following is a markup language?
June 22Which wireless technology has the shortest maximum transmission distance?
June 23Which wireless technology communicates with satellites?
June 24Which adjective describes software that runs on hardware made by another vendor?
June 25In what year was NetBIOS introduced?
June 26Programs installed on smartphones are commonly called what?
June 27If you own several dozen domain names, you might be a what?
June 28Which file system was introduced with Windows 95?
June 29What is the name of the widely-publicized EU law instituted on May 25, 2018?
June 30Which of the following might be considered a webhook?