March 2018 Quizzes

March 1What type of a document is an XSLT style sheet used to format?
March 2What metric defines how much advertisers spend for each click on an ad?
March 3Search terms entered in a search field are also called what?
March 4Parallels Desktop is an example of what type of software?
March 5Which organization provides WHOIS data?
March 6What type of person would be most likely to create a VLE?
March 7Which of the following is inversely promotional to frequency?
March 8What type of data transfer medium do optical carriers provide?
March 9Code that is easy to read and does not follow a specific syntax is called what?
March 10Which user interface element may disappear when you increase the size of a window?
March 11What is a series of related postings in an online discussion called?
March 12In what type of room are microprocessors manufactured?
March 13Object oriented programming languages support what notable construct?
March 14Which markup language was developed by Microsoft?
March 15What is the purpose of an operating system's clipboard?
March 16Which of the following statements about DDR2 RAM is false?
March 17Which of the following is an example of recursion?
March 18What does the WIMP acronym describe?
March 19Lua uses a syntax similar to what programming language?
March 20Which of the following components is most likely to be an NVIDIA product?
March 21One which of the following devices would you find Shift and Caps Lock?
March 22Which of the following ports has the same form factor as Thunderbolt 3?
March 23What type of information is exchanged over the RIP protocol?
March 24A mathematical vector has a magnitude and what other attribute?
March 25KOffice was renamed to what software product?
March 26Which person's job is to select and configure computer systems for a business?
March 27What was the first major operating system to support OpenCL?
March 28Which programming element is designed to store a value that can change?
March 29What are small images that can be entered inline with text called?
March 30What is the purpose of defragmenting a hard drive?
March 31What is the purpose of scareware?