February 2018 Quizzes

February 1DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 are variations of what?
February 2A UICC card may also be used as what?
February 3Which of the following is not a mobile OS?
February 4What unit of measurement is used to measure floating point performance?
February 5What company owns the rights to the Java programming language?
February 6What type of connection is "tunneled" through a wide area network?
February 7The Winsock library includes what type of functions?
February 8The term "enterprise" is commonly associated with what?
February 9What was the primary function of the Veronica service launched in 1992?
February 10What unit of measurement is equal to 1021 bytes?
February 11What is the difference between a DVD+R and a regular DVD?
February 12The foundational layer of an operating system is also called what?
February 13What does degaussing reduce?
February 14Which of the following is similar to a Windows shortcut or Mac alias?
February 15What are social events organized to view StarCraft matches called?
February 16What process is used to record analog audio as digital data?
February 17What smartphone feature fixes typos as you type?
February 18Gnutella is what type of network?
February 19GIGO is an acronym used to state what principle?
February 20Apple's QuickTime technology is designed to handle what type of files?
February 21What type of images does a plotter print?
February 22What file extension is a Readme file most likely to have?
February 23Which markup language was designed to describe virtual worlds?
February 24Hyper-threading is a parallelization technology developed by what company?
February 25Which of the following contains a list of user permissions?
February 26Which type of computer would be most likely to run Apache software?
February 27Which of the following is not an advantage of a wired connection?
February 28What version of Windows was released in 2009?