January 2018 Quizzes

January 1Which term may be used interchangeably with "username?"
January 2Which of the following can prevent you from losing all your data?
January 3A directory is visually represented as what?
January 4What is the point of a mirrored volume?
January 5Which of the following is a subset of DBMS?
January 6Information that is loaded to enable a program to function is called what?
January 7What is the aspect ratio of a 4K display?
January 8Cray-1 and Blue Gene were examples of what type of computer?
January 9What type of data is WAIS designed to search?
January 10What type of component is most likely to have an eSATA port?
January 11Spreadsheets are comprised of columns and what?
January 12Cocoa for macOS and .NET for Windows are examples of what?
January 13What is data cached on a storage device when system memory runs out called?
January 14What unit of storage falls between pebibytes and zebibytes?
January 15AIS, BSD, and Solaris are different types of what operating system?
January 16Communication where datas flows bidirectionally, but not simultaneously, is called what?
January 17Which of the following programs is designed for communicating with others online?
January 18Websites are comprised of what?
January 19What feature provides search suggestions as you type?
January 20What type of interface allows for the simple replacement of a CPU?
January 21What technology is designed to prevent bots from submitting forms online?
January 22LPI is most often used to measure the resolution of what type of image?
January 23What is the goal of phishing?
January 24What type of computer is designed specifically for high-volume, processor-intensive computing?
January 25The most popular types of character encodings are ASCII and what?
January 26What technology allows multiple computers to share the same IP address?
January 27What component draws heat away from the processor?
January 28What type of optical media replaced audio cassettes?
January 29What protocol is sometimes offered as an alternative to IMAP?
January 30Integers, characters, strings, and arrays are types of what?
January 31What type of data is used to create maps and 3D models of the earth's surface?