November 2017 Quizzes

November 1Which programming language was developed by Apple?
November 2What type of chip may only be programmed once after the memory is constructed?
November 3Which of the following is a science designed to protect information?
November 4What is another name for an Intel I/O controller hub microchip?
November 5When did Intel manufacture Celeron processors using the PPGA design?
November 6What type of image is comprised of discrete dots rather than continuous tones?
November 7What type of screen is comprised of diodes that light up individually?
November 8Which of the following includes a Java Virtual Machine?
November 9Which of the following best describes a runtime error?
November 10Which of the following transfers data between a hard disk and memory?
November 11A contextual menu might also be called what type of menu?
November 12Which of the following is a telephone system that can respond to voice input?
November 13Which of the following might be considered a PUM?
November 14What is the purpose of an IGP chip?
November 15The vertical space between lines of text can be adjusted with which setting?
November 16What version of macOS was the first to use the Apple File System?
November 17Which of the following turns assembly language into machine code?
November 18Which of the following is designed to max out a user's email quota?
November 19What wattage is supported by PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus)?
November 20Which of the following protocols is used specifically for connecting to a VPN?
November 21Which file system was introduced most recently?
November 22Which acronym is used to measure ad performance in online marketing?
November 23What wireless connection pairs a smartphone to a smartwatch?
November 24What status does a parity bit indicate?
November 25VLB cards were used to increase what type of computer performance?
November 26The Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) is an extension of what?
November 27PUSH, POP, JMP, and INT are commands used in what type of language?
November 28Apple released which product in a model named "X" in November, 2017?
November 29Greenfield development is often contrasted with what type of development?
November 30What setting evenly adjusts the horizontal distance between characters?