September 2017 Quizzes

September 1Which version of Apple's desktop OS changed the name from OS X to macOS?
September 2Which of the following statements describes a parked domain?
September 3What are the IDs assigned to ports like USB, Ethernet, and video ports called?
September 4The section of a data packet that is received by another system is called what?
September 5What is informational content that is also designed to be entertaining called?
September 6What term describes the state of data in different stages of the OSI model?
September 7Which terms defines a device that functions independently of other hardware?
September 8Which of the following statements about JVMs is false?
September 9ASP.NET is a web application framework developed by what company?
September 10What type of component regulates power using phase angle control?
September 11Which of the following was a popular type of expansion card in the 1990s?
September 12What is the purpose of an NMS?
September 13Which interface might be used to connect a hard drive to a motherboard?
September 14What is designed specifically to handle calculations with non-integer numbers?
September 15A file format that can only be opened by a specific program is called what?
September 16Data design, data storage, and data security are all subcategories of what?
September 17What type of software is not protected by copyright?
September 18What is the purpose of SPF mail authentication?
September 19Data analytics, data processing, and data mining are subsets of what?
September 20What does the acronym FIFO describe?
September 21Which file format does not use lossy compression?
September 22Wireless headphones commonly use what type of wireless signal?
September 23Which of the following statements best describes an NSP?
September 24What is an application or data source that is accessible via HTTP called?
September 25Which Internet connection provides identical maximum upload and download speeds?
September 26Which of the following is not a CMS?
September 27Which expansion port standard is the most recent?
September 28What type of messages are sent via ICMP?
September 29What is a small program or function that automates a specific task called?
September 30What connects the CPU to other components within a computer?