August 2017 Quizzes

August 1What is another name for an event notification transmitted via HTTP?
August 2How large are individual cells transferred in Asynchronous Transfer Mode?
August 3The GNU operating system is sponsored by which organization?
August 4Which social media platform pioneered the use of the hashtag?
August 5What is the most common location for a navigation bar on a website?
August 6The term "F keys" is short for what?
August 7Which word is synonymous with "bookmark?"
August 8What is the function of an ADC?
August 9What type of program might include an Outbox?
August 10The spacing between block objects is defined by what CSS attribute?
August 11Spooling is a verb commonly associated with what action?
August 12Which of the following does a waveform visually represent?
August 13Lua is a simplistic type of what?
August 14What is similar to the Windows BIOS on a PowerPC-based machine?
August 15Which of the following is an example of DAS?
August 16Which of the following is used to measure pixel density?
August 17A UGC site refers to what type of website?
August 18What verb describes the way a script interpreter processes scripting code?
August 19Data travels between different components in a computer on wires called what?
August 20Which term describes digital content overlaid on a real world environment?
August 21What are features that assist people with disabilities collectively called?
August 22A quad-core computer system has four what?
August 23What type of computer is considered to be one step below a mainframe?
August 24Which technology became the foundation of Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM)?
August 25LISTSERV is a program that provides what type of service?
August 26What was the last version of Apple's OS to be officially named "OS X?"
August 27What is the standard communication medium of a WLAN?
August 28Which of the following was a popular expansion card technology in the 1990s?
August 29What setting determines the interrupt priority of a hardware device?
August 30Which online advertising metric is a more general version of CPL?
August 31Which type of RAM does not have to be periodically refreshed?