July 2017 Quizzes

July 1Which OS originally used the IPX networking protocol?
July 2What term describes restarting a computer?
July 3Which bus transfers data to and from a computer's secondary cache?
July 4The structure of a file is also called what?
July 5How many characters are in an SSID?
July 6What is another name for an app?
July 7The primary connections between networks on the Internet are collectively called what?
July 8What is each press of a key on a keyboard called?
July 9Which of the following would be least likely to cause lag in a video game?
July 10What key is often used to quit, cancel, or abort a process?
July 11The size of what type of device is likely to be measured in "U?"
July 12Which of the following is not a type of programming token?
July 13Which sentence format is defined in the RDF specification?
July 14How many bytes are in a yobibyte?
July 15What type of software program might run directly in a web browser?
July 16What is the main use of Apache software?
July 17If a device cannot be contacted, it is considered to be what?
July 18What type of device connects a laptop to multiple peripherals at once?
July 19In programming, an "exception" is short for what?
July 20What is the cross-platform implementation of the SMB protocol called?
July 21How many more bytes are in a kibibyte than a kilobyte?
July 22The number of resources loaded in a single webpage view is measured in what?
July 23Which data type is designed to store a 64-bit signed integer?
July 24Received emails that are not filtered end up in which email folder?
July 25What aspect of an image does the opacity setting adjust?
July 261,000 megabits is equal to one what?
July 27What is another name for a hardware security device used to authenticate a user?
July 28What term describes a computer with two physically separate processors?
July 29Beta testing is an example of what?
July 30CUDA is a proprietary GPGPU architecture developed by what company?
July 31Which one of the following tags is not mandatory in XHTML?