April 2017 Quizzes

April 1In a tree structure, a node with no child nodes may also be called what?
April 2Which of the following words or phrases specifically refers to a range of grays?
April 3What type of person would be most likely to discover a syntax error?
April 4What type of signal is coaxial cable most often used to transmit?
April 5A list of IDs that are denied access may be found in what type of list?
April 6An 8-bit header in an ATM cell is also called what?
April 7A closed path that allows electricity to flow from one point to another is also called what?
April 8Which of the following is not a logic gate?
April 9Which of the following formats is known to have CD-quality audio?
April 10What technology was developed to allow mobile devices to connect to HDTVs?
April 11Which of the following statements about portable software is false?
April 12A SIMM is a type of what component?
April 13What phrase describes automatic memory management?
April 14When one protocol is encapsulated in another, it is called what?
April 15A mebibyte is exactly how many bytes?
April 16The process of minimizing security vulnerabilities is also called what?
April 17What is a text file that contains a record of events called?
April 18Fiber optic cables transmit data with what type of signal?
April 19The MCA expansion bus was developed by what company?
April 20Which RAID configuration describes a striped volume across two disks?
April 21Which acronym describes a popup display used to configure monitor settings?
April 22What type of resource does a SAN provide?
April 23Which of the following might be used as a SIM card?
April 24What type of memory is commonly used to store a system's time and date?
April 25Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana are examples of what?
April 26LDAP is a streamlined version of what earlier standard?
April 27What is a search engine that queries other search engines called?
April 28What does overclocking a CPU accomplish?
April 29Which of the following is a digital currency?
April 30In file system terminology, a node is the same as what?