February 2017 Quizzes

February 1The "struct" data type is short for what word?
February 2Which of the following is a Class A netmask?
February 3What is calculated by dividing the size of a file by the file transfer time?
February 4Which of the following statements about firewalls is false?
February 5Which program provides Mac users with access to the iOS App Store?
February 6Overclocking a CPU in an example of what?
February 7What website allows you to unfriend someone?
February 8What is the protocol used for posting to a newsgroup?
February 9DKIM is used to authenticate what type of message?
February 10The FAT32 file system is most often used by which operating system?
February 11What is data at the beginning of a file that identifies that file format called?
February 12"Ripping" requires what type of media?
February 13.EPUB, .LIT, .AZW3 are file extensions used by what type of file formats?
February 14If a graphics chip is soldered onto a motherboard, it may be described as what?
February 15What acronym describes managing relationships with customers?
February 16File compression is an example of what process?
February 17What technology allows Java programs to connect to databases?
February 18A network IPS is often used alongside what other technology?
February 19The size of a typical plain text file would most likely be measured in what?
February 20Replacing a file with another file of the same name is also called what?
February 21Which of the following is used to monitor the temperature of components?
February 22Which acronym describes a process invoked by a hardware interrupt request?
February 23What type of data does an .RTF file contain?
February 24What keys are affected by the Num Lock key?
February 25To what does the phrase "big data" refer?
February 26An application is example of what type of file?
February 27What device is designed specifically to connect two local networks together?
February 28A text box within a form may also be called what?