November 2016 Quizzes

November 1The original frequency range of a transmission signal is also called what?
November 2What type of wireless technology covers a radius of several miles?
November 3Which of the following is not required in an email address?
November 4The word "source" in open source refers to what?
November 5Which of the following programs requires a runtime environment?
November 6What unit of measurement is equal to 1,000 cycles per second?
November 7What is another name for a password that contains multiple words?
November 8Which of the following components is most commonly overclocked?
November 9What is the maximum number of devices in a piconet?
November 10Apple's "Tiger" OS immediately followed which version?
November 11What verb is used to describe checking for information in a database?
November 12What is a technical term for the person in charge of maintaining a website?
November 13An exponent in a mathematical equation is an example of what?
November 14Which of the following is not a telecommunications device?
November 15What type of information does the WHOIS service provide?
November 16What is the maximum LUN number that can be assigned to a SCSI device?
November 17What is the largest volume size supported by the FAT32 file system?
November 18Which of the following statements about IPv6 is false?
November 19In online advertising, what is RPM used to measure?
November 20What describes how much data can be transferred in a specific amount of time?
November 21What type of file contains data retrieved from RAM?
November 22How many bytes does an exbibyte contain?
November 23What kind of device is a webcam?
November 24Which of the following is not another name for a USB flash drive?
November 25What acronym describes software that accurately displays the output in the editing interface?
November 26A database that stores data in tables is also called what?
November 27What interchange specification is commonly used for e-commerce?
November 28To what does the 32 in the "Win32" API refer?
November 29What media provider offers a paid streaming service called "Red?"
November 30Fused deposition modeling is a process that may be used by what device?