April 2016 Quizzes

April 1Which of the following is not a meaning of the term volume?
April 2C:\ is an example of what?
April 3What are small programs accessible from the OS X Dashboard called?
April 4What language was designed to create virtual worlds on the web?
April 5"Long" is a specific kind of what data type?
April 6Which term is most often associated with "large business?"
April 7What term describes a function that calls itself?
April 8The process of organizing data into a searchable database is called what?
April 9Which of the following units of data storage measurement is the largest?
April 10What does the OpenCL language facilitate?
April 11The distance between two identical adjacent points in a waveform is called what?
April 12Truncate is a synonym for what verb?
April 13What is the range of sound frequencies the average human can hear?
April 14What does the opacity of an image define?
April 15Building a software program from scratch is also called what type of development?
April 16What type of program provides a command line interface?
April 17WPA is a type of security used for what type of connection?
April 18What is running an operating system within an operating system called?
April 19What is another name for a program that executes commands automatically?
April 20What function does the Unix grep command perform?
April 21An image with a built-in link is an example of what?
April 22Smiley face images that can be inserted as characters are called what?
April 23What does GPGPU computing enable?
April 24How many bits are in a nybble?
April 25Leopard was the name of which version of OS X?
April 26What a process that performs a list of commands in sequence called?
April 27Which of the following search engines is the oldest?
April 28Which of the following is an example of a microblogging website?
April 29IRC is what type of program?
April 30Slow responsiveness during online gameplay is also called what?