February 2016 Quizzes

February 1What menu is most likely to contain the Export command?
February 2Which of the following can be defined using RGB values?
February 3What device enables "point and click" functionality?
February 4Which of the following statements best describes a flat file?
February 5Desktop and laptop are types of what?
February 6A fluid layout is most likely to define measurements using what?
February 7What kind of program is Microsoft Access?
February 8How many speakers are required for stereo output?
February 9Which of the following is not a type of microphone?
February 10DDR3 is a type of what component?
February 11What type of organization might use a DSLAM?
February 12Which of the following produces results for queries containing keywords?
February 13Which of the following components helps render 3D graphics?
February 14What is the purpose of a CDN?
February 15Graphics, audio, and video content are collectively referred to as what?
February 16Which of the following is not a type of GUI?
February 17Which of the following is dependent on network bandwidth?
February 18Competitive video games are collectively categorized under what name?
February 19What company provides the iCloud service?
February 20Denary is a synonym for what number system?
February 21What frequency does the 802.11g Wi-Fi standard operate on?
February 22What term is used to describe software that detects and removes viruses?
February 23Which of the following performs the same function as an SSD?
February 24What are website breadcrumbs used to represent?
February 25What type of communications medium is LTE?
February 26Sending a request to a server to see if it responds is also called what?
February 27Which of the following might be used to measure storage capacity?
February 28What term describes software for which the source code is publicly available?
February 29Which of the following is an example of a passcode?