November 2015 Quizzes

November 1Which term describes a device or program that can be used for multiple purposes?
November 2A hard disk is what type of component?
November 3What type of document might be processed using OCR?
November 4Starting up a computer that has been turned off is also called what?
November 5Which acronym describes a data retrieval method that removes the oldest items first?
November 6For what industry is Moodle primarily designed?
November 7Which of the following statements best describes a device in Standby mode?
November 8Which of the following cannot be synced with iCloud?
November 9Repeatedly harassing another person online is also called what?
November 10What type of software program filters incoming network traffic?
November 11What is the term "Wi-Fi" short for?
November 12A large number of emails sent to a single email address is also called what?
November 13UTF-8 and UTF-16 are different versions of what type of character encoding?
November 14What opacity setting is used to create a fully transparent layer?
November 15Which of the following components is an example of volatile memory?
November 16What type of input device might be used to perform a right click?
November 17Star, ring, line, and bus, are examples of what?
November 18The "www" URL prefix is associated with what protocol?
November 19Which of the following is a peer-to-peer network?
November 20The Windows executable "cmd.exe" is an example of what type of program?
November 21What do keystrokes measure?
November 22What type of user interface element is Microsoft's ribbon?
November 23Which of the following interfaces is the oldest?
November 24What is another name for online discussion boards?
November 25<body> and <head> are examples of what?
November 26What is the purpose of a drive, in reference to computer hardware?
November 27Downloading media while simultaneously playing it is also called what?
November 28What type of documents is PowerPoint designed to create?
November 29Dividing by zero is an example of what?
November 30What device is used to perform a drag and drop operation?