September 2015 Quizzes

September 1What user interface element is used to organize windows within a window?
September 2Which of the following statements about DSL is false?
September 3What is the most common length of a file extension?
September 4Which of the following programs is an example of MIS software?
September 5Which of the following terms does not describe a type of software?
September 6Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all types of what?
September 7What is a printer that creates physical models called?
September 8What is the study of computers and computing concepts called?
September 9What domain name did the Delicious service use before
September 10What term best describes software that can expand to support increasing workloads?
September 11What is another name for a graphics-based digital interface?
September 12What component is housed within a hard drive?
September 13What is the dependent variable in the equation y = 3x + 3z?
September 14In what year did Microsoft release Windows 10?
September 15What type of program is Adobe InDesign?
September 16What Internet service uses the SMTP protocol?
September 17What type of internal connection do IDE hard drives use?
September 18Besides a computer virus, WORM may also refer to what?
September 19What company offers email addresses with a "" domain?
September 20What are individual processors within a CPU called?
September 21What command makes a window larger?
September 22How many megabits are in a megabyte?
September 23What is OS X's version of the Windows Control Panel called?
September 24"Table" can be used synonymously with what term?
September 25A word processor is an advanced version of what type of software program?
September 26What version of OS X first allowed users to send and receive SMS messages?
September 27What Windows feature was not in Windows 8 but returned in Windows 10?
September 28What type of documents are created using XHTML?
September 29What is the name of the top-level folder of a storage device?
September 30What type of program unpacks application files and writes them to your startup disk?