July 2015 Quizzes

July 1What type of hardware device includes pixels?
July 2In what year did Apple introduce the Lightning connector?
July 3How many bytes are in one kibibyte?
July 4What term is often used synonymously with CPU?
July 5What type of data does a string contain?
July 6What is a device that reads and/or writes data to a disk called?
July 7Which social media service is designed exclusively for sharing photos?
July 8Phishing and pharming are used for what purpose?
July 9Which of the following file formats is lossless?
July 10What social media service popularized the verbs "friending" and "unfriending?"
July 11What does an RGB value represent?
July 12What is the default folder used to store incoming email messages called?
July 13Which of the following statements about a touchscreen is false?
July 14Which Wi-Fi standard maxed out at 11 Mbps?
July 15What does a keylogger log?
July 16What happens when a program crashes?
July 17What is the opposite of a static website?
July 18What verb is synonymous with power cycling a device?
July 19Which of the following sizes is not a standard banner ad size?
July 20What type of media might you place in a card reader?
July 21Which statement about digital data is not true?
July 22What name is typically given to software during a public testing period?
July 23Which of the following devices is not solid state?
July 24Which interface was designed specifically to transmit digital instrument data?
July 25What is the difference between MySQL and NoSQL?
July 26What type of key is Caps Lock?
July 27Which of the following is not a wired connection?
July 28iTunes is a music management program included with which OS?
July 29What is a user interface element designed for entering data called?
July 30What would a drag and drop action most likely be used to accomplish?
July 31What type of data describes other data?