May 2015 Quizzes

May 1Migrating an existing software program to a new platform is also called what?
May 2What type of programming error may produce the wrong output?
May 3What is another name for a home computer?
May 4What is the purpose of a KVM switch?
May 5What type of data is MIPS used to measure?
May 6Antivirus and disk maintenance programs fall under what software category?
May 7What is the main webpage located in the root directory of a website called?
May 8What verb describes writing data to a CD?
May 9Which of the following is not an output device?
May 10What are devices that connect to a server called?
May 11What type of device is a DSLR?
May 12What graphical user interface element may include a toolbar and scrollbar?
May 13Microsoft Office includes Excel, PowerPoint, and what other program?
May 14What type of USB connector was introduced in 2015?
May 15What abbreviation describes the industry related to computers and the Internet?
May 16What acronym describes a network that spans multiple locations?
May 17Which of the following is not a standard EXIF data tag?
May 18What is the trackback system designed to track?
May 19Online shopping sites are also called what?
May 20What is the difference between a DVD and a DVD-R?
May 21Which of the following might be measured in bps?
May 22What standard is also known by the technical name "IEEE 802.16?"
May 23What component might have a RISC-based architecture?
May 24What type of interface has A, B, and C connectors?
May 25What is the purpose of a NIC?
May 26Control+Alt+Delete is an example of what?
May 27Which of the following is not a CSS box model attribute?
May 28Which of the following is used to define elements in XML?
May 29Large amounts of data used in enterprise settings is also called what?
May 30Which of the following peripherals might be used as a backup device?
May 31Which of the following types of software is considered malware?