April 2015 Quizzes

April 1What command does Control+Z or Command+Z commonly perform?
April 2Moving the contents within a window up or down is also called what?
April 3Which of the following statements best describes clip art?
April 4Which of the following is the largest unit of measurement in data storage?
April 5Which of the following is not a type of broadband connection?
April 6What term is commonly used to refer to mobile applications?
April 7Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by what company?
April 8What type of language is used to create a JSP script?
April 9What is the word "modem" short for?
April 10What type of cable is typically used to connect computers within a LAN?
April 11Which of the following statements best describes an end user?
April 12What term best describes the process of creating a static web page layout?
April 13What term describes the process of coding and publishing webpages?
April 14Which of the following is read-only?
April 15What type of Internet connection works over standard telephone lines?
April 16Which of the following devices connects to a coaxial cable?
April 17What operation must be performed before pasting data?
April 18What is the correct abbreviation for a kilobyte?
April 19A wiki is a specific type of what?
April 20Techterms.com is an example of what?
April 21How much data can a 3.5" floppy disk hold after being formatted?
April 22Merging data between two devices is also called what?
April 23What is the WordPress platform used to create?
April 24What are square-shaped barcodes called?
April 25Which of the following languages uses tags to define elements?
April 26What type of computer is most likely to use ECC RAM?
April 27What type of code do all webpages contain?
April 28What type of device is the iPad?
April 29What operating system runs on iPhones and iPads?
April 30What term is often used synonymously with system memory?