March 2015 Quizzes

March 1Products are often identified by either a UPC or a what?
March 2Which of the following statements about wikis is false?
March 3What phrase describes peripherals that work as soon as they are connected?
March 4What is another name for a battery backup device?
March 5What is the point at which a hardware device connects to another device called?
March 6What company developed the OLE framework?
March 7Which of the following numbers represents how many bytes are in a kibibyte?
March 8"Memory" is often used synonymously with what component?
March 9What type of data is encapsulated in an EPS file?
March 10What company developed the Kindle e-reader?
March 11What is an automated animation between keyframes in Adobe Flash called?
March 12What is the purpose of the OASIS organization?
March 13Which of the following terms is used synonymously with "video card?"
March 14What company develops OS X?
March 15Which of the following is a type of optical media?
March 16What is the most common color for links on a webpage?
March 17What term describes unwanted email messages that are not technically spam?
March 18Which of the following statements about ROM is false?
March 19What term is short for "electronic mail?"
March 20What is the purpose of file compression?
March 21Which of the following file types contains tables and records?
March 22Notepad for Windows is what type of program?
March 23Which of the following might begin with "http?"
March 24What key removes the previous character in a text document?
March 25What is another name for a URL saved in a web browser?
March 26Which of the following is most likely to include an extra drive bay?
March 27Which version of Windows was the least popular?
March 28Data entered into a computer is also called what?
March 29What surface might require a mouse pad in order to work with an optical mouse?
March 30What is another name for unsolicited email messages?
March 31What was the name of Apple's desktop operating system through version 9?