December 2014 Quizzes

December 1What term describes hardware manufactured by one company but sold by another?
December 2TFT is a technology used in what type of component?
December 3Which of the following is a vector-based image format?
December 4What type of input device allows you to point and click?
December 5What is another name for a record in a database table?
December 6What is another name for a file retrieved from the Internet?
December 7What is Apple's QuickTime technology used for?
December 8What is the purpose of a DMZ within a network?
December 9What feature keeps a block of text within predefined margins?
December 10What data type is used to store a list of items?
December 11Which of the following devices captures sound waves?
December 12Helvetica, Arial, and Verdana are different types of what?
December 13The operating system and bundled applications are collectively called what?
December 14Simultaneously using multiple CPUs or processing cores is also called what?
December 15What acronym is commonly used to refer to a network card?
December 16What type of website is most likely to be updated by a single person?
December 17What word describes being connected to the Internet?
December 18Digitizing converts something to digital from what kind of format?
December 19What purpose does a software component called a socket serve?
December 20What acronym describes a unique identifier used to track products?
December 21What phrase describes a medium in which data can flow two ways at the same time?
December 22How many pixels might a 4K display have?
December 23Which of the following is not a type of memory module?
December 24Which of the following might be described in "dot pitch?"
December 25What term describes an electronic document?
December 26Mountain Lion was a version of which OS?
December 27What else besides a username comprises a typical login?
December 28What URL prefix indicates a secure website?
December 29What component is included in a MAMP installation?
December 30Which of the following actions might constitute a copyright infringement?
December 31A Unix program that runs in the background may also be called what?