September 2014 Quizzes

September 1What component does DMA bypass?
September 2What type of component might be referred to as a DIMM?
September 3What type of data structure might be described as either LIFO or FIFO?
September 4Which of the following statements best describes a user interface?
September 5Which of the following is a wired connection?
September 6What is the most popular domain prefix?
September 7What social media service converted the "wall" into a "timeline?"
September 8What type of data is is transmitted over HTTP?
September 9Which of the following is not considered a document?
September 10Which of the following statements best describes kerning?
September 11How many bits are in a gigabyte?
September 12What is a zero day exploit?
September 13What protocol might make use of SIP trunking?
September 14Which of the following statements about coax cables is false?
September 15How many different values can be a boolean variable have?
September 16What Microsoft product is a type of DBMS?
September 17Which of the following might be described as LIFO?
September 18What is the technical name of a character with all its bits set to zero?
September 19What technology is used to make energy efficient lightbulbs?
September 20What component is commonly referred to as the PSU?
September 21What user interface element is fixed to the top of the screen in OS X?
September 22What is another name for a system or device connected to a network?
September 23What does a MAC address identify?
September 24What type of malware gains administrator access without being detected?
September 25Which of the following programs is not a web browser?
September 26How many bytes are in a zebibyte?
September 27What protocol distributes file transfers across multiple systems?
September 28What function does the laser in a laser printer perform?
September 29Which two letters do not describe a past version of Windows?
September 30What is a relationship between defined values and one or more variables called?