August 2014 Quizzes

August 1Which of the following applications is always active in OS X?
August 2Which of the following is a client-side scripting language?
August 3What social media website introduced the "Like" feature?
August 4How many numbers are supported by the binary system?
August 5What is the default modifier key used to perform a right click on a Mac?
August 6What is another name for simultaneous bidirectional communication?
August 7What type of communication might use WEP encryption?
August 8What type of signal does a microphone capture?
August 9Which of the following statements about DOS is not true?
August 10What is the name of a binary pattern that identifies a known virus?
August 11Which of the following names is not synonymous with motherboard?
August 12Which of the following resolutions might be used by a 16:9 display?
August 13Which of the following resolutions is considered 4K?
August 14Ajax combines JavaScript and what other technology?
August 15What is the most common place for a toolbar to appear inside a window?
August 16How many bytes are in a kilobit?
August 17Which of the following software applications is not an Apple product?
August 18What does it mean to boot a computer?
August 19What term describes images, audio, and video data?
August 20In a tree data structure, what is a node with no child nodes called?
August 21What type of content is WordPress used to create?
August 22What is the most popular JavaScript framework?
August 23Which acronym describes the process that ensures products will meet user expectations?
August 24Which of the following statements best describes a NOC?
August 25A CRT is a type of what?
August 26If Num Lock is off, what input might the 2 key on the numeric keypad produce?
August 27What search engine evolved from a previous version called "Live Search?"
August 28The "gopher" protocol was developed at what university?
August 29What does the V in VRAM stand for?
August 30What type of component is most likely to include a Molex connector?
August 31Which word is synonymous with "raster" in raster graphic?