July 2014 Quizzes

July 1What wireless technology do wireless routers use?
July 2What boot mode is used to load only the basic files in Windows?
July 3What type of data might be stored in the ASCII format?
July 4What is another name for computer programs and applications?
July 5Which of the following best describes a CDN?
July 6What is the most common profile used by digital photos?
July 7What component regulates the electricity flowing into to a computer?
July 8What unit of measurement contains 1,180,591,620,717,411,303,424 bytes?
July 9Which of the following is another name for a computer display?
July 10What is the process of designing and uploading a website called?
July 11Which of the following file formats stores font and vector image information?
July 12A single database entry is also called what?
July 13What kind of standard is 802.11ac?
July 14X12, TRADACOMS, and EDIFACT are different formats of what standard?
July 15What company maintains the AdWords advertising service?
July 16Which of the following actions may not be possible with a touchscreen?
July 17What unit of measurement is equal to 1,000 zettabytes?
July 18What was the first version of OS X to drop "Mac" from the name?
July 19Which of the following is the most popular I/O port on laptops?
July 20What acronym describes the components that keep the CPU cool?
July 21Which of the following numbers is not an integer?
July 22What component does the term "dual-core" describe?
July 23What I/O interface is technically named IEEE 1394?
July 24What type of document might be used to format data from an XML file?
July 25What is a diagram that describes a process or operation called?
July 26Which of the following does Microsoft's Surface tablet not include?
July 27When is a POST test run?
July 28What does it mean if a function is deprecated?
July 29How long is one nanometer?
July 30What is a software installation that requires no user interaction called?
July 31Which of the following statements best describes Google Drive?