March 2014 Quizzes

March 1What does the word "raw" in "raw data" mean?
March 2RADCAB is an mnemonic designed to help with what?
March 3In what year was the term "Web 2.0" introduced?
March 4Which of the following statements best describes a honeypot?
March 5What type of program might include a QBE feature?
March 6What is the most common file format used for log files?
March 7On what platform is KOffice designed to run?
March 8What is the function of the Windows Control Panel?
March 9What type of documents are XSLT style sheets used to modify?
March 10What language is designed to be a client-side scripting language?
March 11What is the standard Windows keyboard shortcut for Paste?
March 12What type of computer component might have a ZIF socket?
March 13What slang term describes a novice computer user?
March 14Which of the following is not a programming language?
March 15What word or phrase is most similar to the acronym "SKU?"
March 16What is a system that locks files and tracks changes called?
March 17What protocol is used to deliver webpages?
March 18In what language are servlets written?
March 19What is another name for a computer's main processor?
March 20What is the name of the digital currency that was introduced in 2009?
March 21Which of the following CMSes is the most popular blogging tool?
March 22What social media website includes a Timeline feature?
March 23What type of energy do LEDs produce?
March 24What is a computer that provides data to other computers called?
March 25Which of the following statements best describes a northbridge?
March 26What is system memory stored outside of physical RAM called?
March 27What was the first version of Mac OS X to add several iOS features?
March 28What is the technical name of the proprietary file format saved by a program?
March 29Which of the following best describes a PCB?
March 30What company develops the "Office" software productivity suite?
March 31What is the difference between malware and a PUP?