January 2014 Quizzes

January 1What is the standard way to store a date in a MySQL database?
January 2What is the term "abend" short for?
January 3Which of the following is not used synonymously with the word "program"?
January 4What option is used to change the page orientation before printing a document?
January 5IIS is designed to run on what platform?
January 6Who would be most likely to implement a CPS in their place of work?
January 7How many nybbles are in a byte?
January 8What is the name of the built-in Windows utility that displays all active processes?
January 9MySQL, Microsoft Access, and FileMaker are different types of what?
January 10What type of code is not processed by a Web browser?
January 11What is the purpose of a codec?
January 12Which of the following statements about jQuery is not true?
January 13What is the difference between a plain text file and a rich text file?
January 14What is the code that is compiled into an executable program called?
January 15Which of the following Wi-Fi standards was standardized most recently?
January 16CPUs, memory, and storage devices are collectively known as what?
January 17Which of the following statements about printed circuit boards is not true?
January 18Which of the following is a boolean operator?
January 19What type of job may involve fixing syntax errors?
January 20What do software developers use OpenGL to create?
January 21Which of the following statements about BitTorrent is false?
January 22What is the primary function of an ISP?
January 23What image format supports animations?
January 24How many bits are transferred each second over a steady 2 Mbps connection?
January 25Which of the following is not a valid country domain suffix?
January 26What word is not part of the meaning of WWW?
January 27Which of the following formats supports the least number of colors in a single image?
January 28Windows, toolbars, icons, and buttons all comprise what aspect of a program?
January 29What company developed the "ribbon" user interface element?
January 30What is the difference between lossy and lossless image files?
January 31Links on webpages may also be called what?