September 2013 Quizzes

September 1What is the PHP programming language most often used to create?
September 2What should you do before disconnecting removable media from your computer?
September 3What Windows feature was removed in Windows 8?
September 4The statement "y = x2" is an example of what?
September 5Which of the following is not one of the phases in the Rational Unified Process?
September 6What Internet service provides domain name registrant information?
September 7How many megahertz are in a gigahertz?
September 8Which of the following statements best describes a computer?
September 9In what part of a window is the toolbar typically located?
September 10Which of the following statements best describes a zero day exploit?
September 11What is the technical name of a program that opens when you double-click a file?
September 12What are cube-shaped monitors with glass screens called?
September 13External hard drive size is typically defined using what unit of measurement?
September 14What term is used to describe sending offensive messages over the Internet?
September 15Desktop computers are part of what computer category?
September 16What type of address does the DHCP service assign to computers?
September 17What is the total number of possible IPv4 IP addresses?
September 18What operating system includes a Hibernate option?
September 19What is the primary input device used with tablets?
September 20What is another name for a storage device?
September 21Which of the following statements best describes a webmaster?
September 22Which list is correctly ordered from smallest to largest?
September 233G and 4G are two types of what wireless technology?
September 24Which of the following devices convert electromagnetic waves into sound waves?
September 25What is a small website dedicated to a specific topic called?
September 26Which of the following software programs reads and executes code?
September 27What defines how much data can be transferred in a given amount of time?
September 28What is a database that stores data in a plain text file called?
September 29Forwarding an annoying email to multiple people is an example of what?
September 30What word describes a computer that is not connected to the Internet?