August 2013 Quizzes

August 1HTML and XML are examples of what type of language?
August 2In computing, "architecture" typically refers to what hardware component?
August 3What type of software is most likely to be referred to as "nagware"?
August 4What component might include a SMART system to monitor the device's status?
August 5What file format began the trend of downloading songs online?
August 6Web-based journals are also known as what?
August 7Which of the following is not a wireless technology?
August 8What is OpenGL primarily used to create?
August 9What does the term "hard copy" refer to?
August 10What is DPI used to measure?
August 11What is the most popular website for posting vlogs?
August 12What is the difference between primary and secondary memory?
August 13What is another name for a URL?
August 14How many processing cores does a quad-core CPU have?
August 15Which of the following statements about alpha software is true?
August 16What email protocol allows users to store and organize messages on a mail server?
August 17What file system is also known as ISO 9660?
August 18What type of data is the BLOB data type used to store?
August 19What does "emptying the trash" do in OS X?
August 20Which of the following items is not part of Apple's OS X interface?
August 21Which of the follow types of optical media can hold the most data?
August 22What was the original company that developed Shockwave Flash?
August 23The original Amazon Kindle was designed for viewing what of media?
August 24Which of the following errors occurs only when a program is running?
August 25What is the technical name of file that contains unprocessed data?
August 26Which of the following input devices might support the "swipe" command?
August 27What is the generic name for a web-based email client interface?
August 28Java and C++ are examples of what type of programming languages?
August 29What is a script that automatically replies to emails called?
August 30Which of the following best describes a program source code file?
August 31Which of the following statements about the Internet is false?