July 2013 Quizzes

July 1What type of component is installed in a PCI-X slot?
July 2The range of IP addresses that can be used is a network is defined by what?
July 3Which of the following would most likely take place in a clean room?
July 4What country was Apple started in?
July 5Which of the following devices is most likely to include a CCD?
July 6Which of the following people would benefit most from installing WAMP?
July 7What language are servlets written in?
July 8Which of the following units of measurements is the second largest?
July 9Which of the following people might use a DAW on a regular basis?
July 10Which of the following items is used to store files on a computer?
July 11What was the OSI model designed to standardize?
July 12A value passed into a function is also known as what?
July 13Which of the following actions is used to display a contextual menu?
July 14TiVo is a specific type of what device?
July 15What is the most common background color used for displaying tooltips?
July 16The JFS file system was developed for what operating system?
July 17Which of the following devices does not have a USB connection?
July 18What is the technical term for a device that has no moving parts?
July 19The FSB connects a computer's CPU to what other component?
July 20What is another name for a video card?
July 21Which of the following utilities is most likely to include antivirus software?
July 22The process of diagnosing a problem is also called what?
July 23Which of the following programs might include a compiler?
July 24What does the ICANN organization manage?
July 25How many bytes are in a terabyte?
July 26A brouter combines a router with what other device?
July 27CTR is an acronym commonly used in what industry?
July 28X86 refers to a type of what hardware component?
July 29In what menu option is the Import command typically located?
July 30Which of the following is not synonymous with "add-on?"
July 31Which of the following statements best describes a script?