February 2013 Quizzes

February 1What are individual RAM chips called?
February 2What protocol sends encrypted data over the Internet?
February 3Which of the following actions is the best example of Web publishing?
February 4What unit of measurement was used to describe dial-up modem speeds?
February 5Which of the following might be measured in terabytes?
February 6Which of the following components does a video card contain?
February 7What year was the Internet created?
February 8What type of webpage provides an overview of all the pages on a website?
February 9What numeric value does a null character have?
February 10Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of a CPU heat sink?
February 11What is the most common action used to bring up a contextual menu?
February 12What key must you hold down to start up a Mac in Target Disk Mode?
February 13What is the common name for a video camera that streams video over the Internet?
February 14Which of the following is not a real number?
February 15.JPG, .HTML, and .ZIP are all examples of what?
February 16What are hertz used to measure?
February 17What word best describes bespoke software?
February 18Which type of advertisements generate revenue based solely on impressions?
February 19Where should the copyright text be placed on a webpage?
February 20Which of the following computers would most likely have the largest form factor?
February 21Vector graphics are comprised of what type of data?
February 22What is a function that calls itself during its execution called?
February 23What would be a likely use of an SNMP command?
February 24Which of the following I/O connections is the oldest?
February 25What program might be used to send an IM?
February 26Swiping is a common action supported by what type of input device?
February 27What is a character with all its bits set to zero called?
February 28The "Import" command is typically located within what menu?