September 2012 Quizzes

September 1How is the number 100 represented in hexadecimal notation?
September 2What company originally developed Flash?
September 3Which of the following best describes a chipset?
September 4What do the I and O stand for in I/O?
September 5How many megahertz are in one gigahertz?
September 6What company developed the Visual Basic programming language?
September 7Which of the following devices has a cylindrical drum called a photo receptor?
September 8Which of the following symbols preceeds a Twitter hashtag?
September 9JSON is often viewed as an alternative to what language?
September 10A document that describes the technical features of a product is also called what?
September 11Which two operations add new data to the clipboard?
September 12What is the default operating system for Macintosh computers?
September 13What is the smallest unit of data that can be accessed on a hard disk called?
September 14A table is comprised of what two elements?
September 15What is the distinguishing characteristic of a retina display?
September 16Service pack updates are common for what operating system?
September 17"Power strip" is another name for which device?
September 18Which of the following is most likely to be case-sensitive?
September 19Which of the following devices may be considered a dongle?
September 20Saving one or more copies of a file is also called what?
September 21Which of the following units of measurement is the largest?
September 22What technology allows you to receive messages without checking your email?
September 23The files that make up an operating system are collectively known as what?
September 24A dot matrix printer is an example of what type of printer?
September 25Which website's purpose is to allow users to share ideas with each other?
September 26What company develops the Windows operating system?
September 27Which of the following statements best describes half-duplex communication?
September 28EIDE is what type of standard?
September 29What might Mbps be used to measure?
September 30Which memory card format is most widely used?