October 2011 Quizzes

October 1What do the letters "KVM" in KVM Switch stand for?
October 2CPC, CPL, and CPA are terms used in what industry?
October 3Encryption is used for what purpose?
October 4What is the purpose of a heat sink?
October 5Which of the following is not a type of optical media?
October 6What is the purpose of a file extension?
October 7What do the letters in "Ajax" stand for?
October 8What is the approximate wireless range of a class 3 bluetooth device?
October 9What company developed the Memory Stick flash memory format?
October 10Which of the following statements about SSD drives is not true?
October 11What does the "SP" in Windows 7 SP1 stand for?
October 12A username and password combination is also called what?
October 13Copying large amounts of content from a website is also called what?
October 14Which of the following is a client-side scripting language?
October 15What interface element allows you to browse through more content in a window?
October 16Which device is used to save a local backup of computer files?
October 17Redirecting users to fake websites is also called what?
October 18Attempting to capture personal information over the Internet is called what?
October 19Which of the following is another name for a Web address?
October 20Total throughput minus data transmission overhead is called what?
October 21What are text-based expressions called?
October 22What is another name for a pre-formatted document?
October 23What hardware component has a MAC address?
October 24Half of a byte is also called what?
October 25Which of the following social media websites came first?
October 26What is an image that represents an audio signal called?
October 27What is an intranet?
October 28What type of software uses a repository to store files?
October 29What is another name for a user who posts offensive comments in web forums?
October 30PS/2 is an older type of what?
October 31What is the purpose of an FAQ?