September 2011 Quizzes

September 1What is the purpose of metadata?
September 2What is the purpose of a name server?
September 3Which technology allows you to convert a scanned document into a text file?
September 4A parity bit is commonly used for what purpose?
September 5QWERTY is a type of what device?
September 6The RADCAB mnemonic applies to which of the following topics?
September 7Which of the following audio formats contains sampled data?
September 8Which operating system includes a "task bar" as a primary interface element?
September 9What is the most common purpose of unmounting a disk?
September 10Which of the following could be described as vaporware?
September 11Which of the following is not considered part of Web 2.0?
September 12X86 is a type of what?
September 13YouTube is a subsidiary of what company?
September 14What type of program can open a .zip file?
September 15Which of the following is not an input device?
September 16Which of the following is another name for a folder?
September 17What type of cable is most commonly used to connect computers in a LAN?
September 18What does a 404 error in a Web browser indicate?
September 19Applets are written in what programming language?
September 20AGP was replaced by what technology?
September 21Which of the following operations does an ALU typically not perform?
September 22What does it mean if a variable has a null value?
September 23Which of the following is not a Wi-Fi standard?
September 24What is the purpose of the W3C?
September 25Which of the following is the largest unit of measurement?
September 26HTML is a derivative of what language?
September 27What is a person who maintains a website called?
September 28Vlog is short for what?
September 29PDAs have been largely replaced by what devices?
September 30What is another name for a physical RAM chip?