, pronounced simply "delicious," is a community bookmarking website in which users can save Web pages they find and share them with other users. Because users' bookmarks are made public and viewable by other users, other people often bookmark Web pages that they find within other users' bookmarks. keeps track of how many people bookmark each site and posts the most popular websites on its home page.

Common Web pages bookmarked by users include news stories, online learning resources, and tech support pages. Since other users add useful pages to their bookmarks, the best Web pages eventually rise to the top of the popularity chain. The result is a collection of Web pages that are helpful and worthwhile visiting.

Users can either browse or search the database of bookmarks on When a user saves a bookmark, he or she can add a description and tags (keywords) that are pertinent to the Web page. This help the page show up for relevant searches. The results of searches are often of higher quality than a regular search engine since the sites have all been chosen by users. Apparently, other Web surfers agree, since the website became so popular that Yahoo! bought the at the end of 2005.

The domain name "" is a creative modification of the standard domain syntax, where "del" is the domain prefix and "" is the domain name, with "us" being the domain suffix.

Updated in 2006 by Per C.

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